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Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? The Amazing Answer You Need to Know

Smoked salmon is one of my favorite food. Unfortunately, other members of my family do not share my particular passion for this fish. I have tried to find small packages of smoked salmon, but it is only available in some large packs.

Although it is expensive, I usually end up throwing out almost a quarter of the package. The reason for that is I cannot eat the whole of it quickly enough. So, saving the remaining part of smoked salmon for later is what I intend to do now. Can I freeze smoked salmon?

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Best Butcher Knives 2018- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One basic kitchen rule: don’t forget to make the perfect cut. From garlic and onion to meat, fish, vegetable, etc., the chef's and the butcher’s best friend has always come in handy in whatever dish they have in mind. 

Here is a guide to help you choose among the five hand-picked best butcher knives!

**Below, you'll find more detailed reriews, but you can click links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

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What To Serve With Chicken Salad Sandwich-These Options Will Make You Amazed

The chicken salad sandwich is considered a complete but light meal. The bread provides carbohydrates, chicken provides protein, vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes are excellent sources of dietary fiber and mayo for some fat.

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Golden Corral Pot Roast Recipe And Ways to Making the Perfect Pot Roast at Home

​ Golden Corral is a grill, buffet, and fast food chain based in North Carolina that opened in 1973. With more than four decades in the food industry, it has now grown into a larger business with more than 500 establishments countrywide. One of the best-known dishes that Golden Corral offers is the pot roast.

But really, what is the Golden Corral pot roast recipe and why is it sought-after? According to Golden Corral, their pot roast simmers for 12 hours, resulting in a very tender and flavorful dish. It’s difficult to find the exact recipe for the pot roast, but there are many copycats out there, such as this one.

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