Transform The Decor Of Your Boutique With These 10 Decor Hacks

You are planning to open a new boutique, or you want to remodel your existing one, but you don’t know where to start. The first impression is the last impression. So, every time a customer enters your boutique, try to impress her or him with the best display of your products. The décor therefore is very important to catch the attention of a prospective customer.

A boutique is a very small shop, so it is important to utilize every bit of space as wisely as possible. The décor should be able to showcase your most saleable item in the best possible manner. It is therefore, very important to bring some changes in the décor once in a while to keep it fresh and vibrant.

So, let us go through some of the most attractive décor hacks.

#1. Décor Theme 

Go seasonal. Change your theme according to the seasons. If you are a clothing boutique, display your most favorite wedding gowns in the mannequins during the wedding season. Gift wraps, gift boxes, and different accessories of the season from women purses to jewelry can be displayed. During summer, change the mood. For end-of-the-year clearance sale let your customers get a good bargain. Always try to change your theme according to the seasons. This will not only boost up your sales but also attract new customers.

#2. Design for The Storefront 

It is important that your storefront looks equally catchy to attract the customers to your store. It should not be too flashy or obvious. Customers should be able to know what is stored inside. Go for a sleek design if it is men’s apparel store. The boutique should have a distinctive style about what it is selling.

#3. Lighting of The Store 

This is of great importance. It not only brightens up space but also highlights the merchandise. Focus on your best-selling products. Put spotlights over products and highlight them. If you own a jewelry boutique, lighting should be from above and inside the case. There should be enough light for the customers to have a good look on the piece. You can use soft palettes of colored lights. They create a beautiful ambiance. During festive seasons like Christmas or weddings, put strings of light along the windows or curtain drapes. They will lighten up the mood. 

#4. Holidays

Celebrate the holidays with the customers. If it is the Christmas, or Halloween or Valentine’s day, help your customers to celebrate the event. Put out products that are most saleable during these holidays. Display stuffed toys or children clothing, or costumes in a funky way. 

#5. Boutique Spacing 

Use the spacing to your advantage and avoid the clutter. The customers should have ample space to go through your boutique and examine the products. Straight aisle ways should be avoided as it blocks the view of the other areas of the store. You can use small round racks. They do not occupy much space and looks clean and organized.

The mannequins should be used to showcase your best products. Put them in each section highlighting the key product of that section. Customers will have an immediate idea about what the store is all about without much difficulty. Change the layout periodically to avoid boredom.

#6. Make the Shoppers Comfortable

Shoppers mostly women spend a lot of time while choosing the best product for themselves. So, make a comfortable zone for customers to relax and rest for a while. Often shoppers are accompanied by their friends or families. You can create a comfy zone with benches or small sofas where they can relax while their shopper counterpart enjoys the shopping spree.

#7. A Welcoming Checkout Counter

The checkout counter should be attractive and not blocking the entryway. It is best to place it in a corner so that it does not impose the free zone or distract the customers. Use a design that goes well with the décor of your store. The counter should be well-lit, beautiful and functional as well.

Add a television screen behind the counter, which will entertain the customers as well as give a look of the store. Keep a stack of leaflets that can be given out to the customers at the time they leave the store. This will advertise your products and give an idea about the next products you are about to launch.

#8. Artificial Plants & Flowers 

Artificial plants and silk floral arrangements can really add up to the vibe of the place. Planters are available in all shapes and sizes. They can be used to decorating silk plants and trees. Put some tall silk flower arrangements or an artificial bonsai tree on the counter desk. It will really break the monotony of the space and brighten up the vibe. During the summer you can use some tropical silk arrangements or use some fake palm trees indoor to bring up your seasonal sales. You can also use some artificial boxwood plants at the entrance. They are easy to maintain and gives freshness to the ambiance.

#9. Inspiring Messages: 

Display some inspiring messages on the walls or behind the counter. You can use your imagination and come up with ideas or personal thoughts you want to share with your customers. Put out photo frames of events and social awareness on the walls. Frame some good memories with your customers. Take a picture of your happy customer while she is wearing the dress that she bought from your store. Capture the moment and share it on the walls. Your store should be able to send a message that inspires and motivates the customers to visit your shop again.

#10. Colour Scheme & Artwork 

The products you offer in your store will influence the color scheme. The colors should not clash with the items you want to sell, but it should highlight them. For large boutiques with ample space put a contrasting darker shade on the ceiling to give a cozy look. For smaller stores go for lighter colors like white or cream to make the rooms look spacious. If your boutique is selling children’s products try some pastel colors. The artwork should directly reflect the products you are selling. It should be minimal so that customers can focus more on the products.


Customers should feel happy and comfortable when they visit your boutique. Customers should not feel frustrated when they are searching for their favorite product. So, our focus should always be in creating the perfect layout that provides the ultimate customer satisfaction and results in more profits.

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