All You Need to Know About Sweet & Smoky CBD-Infused BBQ Sauce

The hype around CBD has resulted in many products than what we have known for a long time. Forget the CBD oil, tinctures, and creams. We now have a variety of foods that are infused with CBD. It is possible to walk into a health-focused restaurant and order CBD-infused food. Sweet and smoky CBD-infused BBQ sauce is common because it can be served as an accompaniment for various foods.

Apart from being a popular food in many high-end restaurants, you can make your own at home with ease. Before we look into this sauce in detail, let us get a little background on CBD. It will help you to understand the product more as we go on.

CBD and Its Benefits

This is a product of the cannabis plant that is extracted from the hemp plant, although the marijuana plant is also a great sauce. For industrial CBD and most of what we buy from health websites and shops, the extraction from the carefully-grown hemp plant is done through the CO2 extraction process. This pure CBD can be infused with other products like oil and edibles like the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce we are about to discuss.

Although research has not given conclusive answers on all of the benefits of CBD, many have found that it has the following health benefits to the body. If you eat the sauce discussed below, you will enjoy all of these benefits without side-effects.

Improved sleep patterns - After eating BBQ sauce that is infused with CBD for a while, you will be amused to experience better sleeping patterns. However, enough amount to warrant this effect should be consumed.

Pain relief - One of the best ways to consume CBD if you are trying to mitigate chronic pain is by eating CBD-infused BBQ sauce. The sweet flavor makes it more delicious for any person to enjoy with a variety of other dishes.

Stress and anxiety reduction - Is life taking a toll on you? Stress can quickly escalate to depression if it is not counter-attacked in all possible ways. As you work on the root causes, you can also take CBD in any of your preferred ways. We recommend the use of BBQ sauce because it is a fun way to consume it.

Sweet & Smoky CBD-Infused BBQ Sauce Recipe

There are many ways of making this interesting sauce. It all depends on the region you come from. For most people, making a typical sauce is the most common thing. Let us look at all you need to make this at a restaurant or at home.


·             Desired CBD oil or Isolate (For isolate, you will need oil on the side)

·             1 tsp Coconut or Canola oil

·             1 cup ketchup (use organic ketchup where possible)

·             ¼ cup water

·             ¼ cup vinegar

·             2 tsp smoked paprika

·             2 tsp cayenne

·             3 cloves of garlic

·             1 red onion

·             Salt

·             Black pepper


·             Heat oil in a pan on the stove and fry onions and garlic until they are golden. Keep stirring to avoid sticking.

·             Add all other ingredients except the CBD oil and continue stirring for a minute.

·             Add the CBD oil and stir well to infuse in the ingredients.

·             Add vinegar and continue cooking as you stir.

·             Add water and seasonings.

·             Cook on low heat and stir occasionally until the sauce is thick and cooked.

·             Serve alongside other food.

There is also a variation of this recipe if you prefer using the isolate. You will need to infuse it with the oil first for the best results. Experts recommend the use of the double boiling method for 30 to 45 minutes. From here, you can then follow the recipe we have shared to the letter.

Sweet & Smoky CBD-Infused BBQ Sauce Spanish Recipe

Another way to enjoy this sauce is by preparing it Spanish style. As we all know, Spanish cuisine is extensive and delicious. If you like it spicy, you can try this variation, although it does not differ much from what we have shared above:


·             Desired dose of CBD oil

·             1 cup ketchup

·             ¼ cup canola oil

·             ¼ cup Spanish whiskey

·             ½ cup apple cider vinegar

·             ¼ cup molasses

·             ½ cup brown sugar

·             2 Spanish onions, diced

·             4 cloves of garlic

·             3 tsp tomato paste

·             1 tsp cumin

·             1 tsp all spice

·             2 tsp smoked sweet paprika

·             2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

·             2 tbsp yellow mustard

·             Kosher salt


·             Fry the onions in a pan on the stove using the oil until golden brown.

·             Add salt and garlic and keep on stirring until fragrant.

·             The next step should be considered carefully as it is very sensitive. Pour in the tomato paste while stirring carefully to avoid sticking. After this, either reduce the heat to the minimum or remove the pan from the heat before adding the Spanish whiskey. Return the pan to the heat and cook until it is slightly reduced.

·             Add sugar and cook for 2 minutes to allow it to dissolve.

·             Add all other ingredients except the CBD oil, which should come last.

·             Lastly, add the CBD oil and let it cook for a while. It is worth noting that you can buy your CBD oil from the Berkshirecbd website as they are a reliable company. They can also guide you on the right dosage to use for your needs.

·             The last step is serving your sauce with other desired dishes.

Enhancing the Potency of the Sauce

When making the sauce, the primary goal is to benefit from the CBD. This is one of the best ways to take your dose if you do not like dropping it in your mouth or taking the supplements. Therefore, the main aim is to retain its potency. If you are planning to consume all of the sauce at once, ensure that a recommended single dosage of CBD oil is used. Many experts recommend adding another half dose to account for the loss of potency during cooking and serving. If you have been taking CBD in other forms and already know the results it gives, it is important to keenly monitor how this one will effect you. Take some time a few hours after consuming the BBQ sauce to understand how your body is responding. If you took all of the precautions during preparation, the result should be the same as taking it in any other form.

Foods that Go Well with CBD Sauce

Sauces are used as an accompaniment for various dishes. Once you have prepared any of the sauces that we have discussed above or any other variation that you prefer since there are so many out there, you can keep it frozen for later use. All you need is to defrost it and warm it up before use.

Foods that go well with this sauce include, but are not limited to the following:


Juicy and mouth-watering steaks deserve to be served with a delicious and healthy sauce. Choose the sweet and smoky CBD-infused BBQ sauce to accompany your grilled lamb steak, beefsteak, or pork ribs. Besides steaks that are grilled, it also goes well with pan-fried steaks. In fact, all red meat and pork will go well with this.

For this, do not forget to order a glass of dry red sweet or dry red wine as it will complement the food well. This deserves to be a complete dinner setup to enjoy it the most.

BBQ chicken and turkey

This sounds yummy and delicious already. Try the grilled and smoked chicken breast for this one. Turkey also goes well with this sauce because it is lean. For a perfect dinner evening, sweet white wine will do best for you. Make sure that it does not contrast the sweet taste of the sauce. So, ask the house sommelier to guide you on the recommended wine for this.

Pasta dishes

Are you looking for a quick lunch fix either at home or at a nearby restaurant? Try pasta dishes that are tossed with sweet and smoky CBD-infused BBQ sauce. The word BBQ might be confusing as people think that this is ultimately a meat affair, but pasta dishes will also go well with this. The fact that it contains cayenne and chili makes it perfect for pasta. To make the dish more nutritious and filling, chopped roasted chicken, beef, or smoked pork sausages can be added.

Grilled salmon, shrimps, and crabs

Although most seafood is commonly served with white sauces, this golden sauce is magical when served with either salmon or other seafood that has been grilled. If they have been smoked, the combination will be even better. Just like chicken, white wine will also pair well with this dish.


From this article, you will agree that sweet and smoky CBD infused BBQ sauce is well worth making and eating. Those who have been battling chronic pain from illnesses and injuries can try this sauce a few times a week together with their favorite dishes.


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